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If you love speculative fiction short stories, you should check out  a great speculative fiction anthology is RealmScapes, which was put out by Brimstone Fiction. My story, "Doomsafe" is featured in this collection.



Short Story Anthology

Dreams and Dragons

Coming March 1, 2022, from Bear Publications.

Do you like stories with a little magic? Science Fiction? Fantasy? You will find all of this and more in this collection of speculative fiction tales.

Bear Publications

Short Story


If you'd like to preview a story from my upcoming anthology, Dreams and Dragons, you can read this one on Vocal Media.



Short Story


This magic realism story is available only on Vocal Media at this time. Read how an owl comes to the rescue of young Don Kouris. 




This Rich & Wondrous Earth

Imagine going to boarding school at the age of eight. Now imagine that school is in a remote area of Central Africa, in the country of Zambia. This is a memoir of my years at Sakeji School.



This Rich and Wondrous Earth


If you prefer to read it on your Kindle, you can do that too!


Kindle version of This Rich and Wondrous Earth


Middle School Creative Writing

If you know a young person (age 10-14) who is interested in writing stories, you can be watching for the re-release of my creative writing curriculum, Story Quest. Story Quest can be used by homeschools or in a classroom setting. It can be part of a language arts curriculum or it can be an elective or summer school class. 


Teachers' Edition

Student Edition

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This Rich & Wondrous Earth is now available in Kindle format on Amazon.

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