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Welcome to Linda Burklin's Home Page

Welcome to my new online home! I am a writer and I've released my first book, a memoir about my years at a remote boarding school in Zambia. Over time, there should be a lot more to look at here, including photos, recipes, and, eventually, novels. Grab yourself a nice hot cup of tea or coffee and stay awhile!

I've been a storyteller since childhood, and I started writing my first novel at 17. Fortunately, that one never saw the light of day! There was a long, long break during which I went to college, got a degree in English, got married, had seven kids, and started homeschooling them. Once I no longer had a baby in the house, I finally had time to start writing down the stories that had been piling up in my brain for two decades. The first thing I wrote was This Rich and Wondrous Earth, my memoir of the years I spent in boarding school in Zambia. I want those memories to be preserved, because there is no other place like that on earth.

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